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By default you can use the WSAD keys to move, Space to Jump, Shift to Sneak and the Mouse Buttons to interact with the world. The E key opens your inventory. You can customise the keys in the Options Menu. There are however some keys you can't customise:
  • F1 - Toggles between the GUI/HUD being shown or hidden
  • F2 - Takes a Screenshot
  • F3 - Toggles the Debug Information screen which shows information like your Framerate and position in the world.
  • F5 - Toggles between first and third person
  • F11 - Toggles between windowed and fullscreen


To destroy blocks in the world, look at them and hold down the Left mouse button. Your player will then attack the Blocks. When destroyed you can pick up the Block that is droped and place it with Right Click. For certain blocks (Such as Stone) you need to use specific tools (Such as a Wood Pickaxe). Dirt, Sand, Clay Blocks, Gravel and Logs do not need any Tools to gather them.


In Minecraft you can craft objects from the materials you gather in the world. To craft Wooden Planks for example you need to gather Logs. Once you have Logs you need to open your Inventory. In the Inventory is a 2x2 Crafting Grid. Place the Logs in any of the spots on the Crafting Grid. You will notice to the right of it that there are Wooden Planks, Left Click on them to pick them up and then Left Click in your Inventory to store them. Different Items use different Crafting Patterns which can be viewed on the Crafting page.


As you walk about and perform tasks your character becomes more hungry (Unless you have the difficulty set to Peaceful). When the hunger bar is filled with about 8 or more food icons () you will heal over time. When it has no food icons () you are starving and will slowly loose health. Eating food reduces your hunger.

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